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Top cardiologists recommend healthy heart apps, give advice


Healthy Heart AppsWith Valentine's Day right around the corner, millions of Americans are planning romantic activities, buying heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, and filling out cards professing love and devotion. For those who celebrate, the holiday provides a chance to warm the hearts of the ones we love. 

But what about our own hearts? Not the little pastel-colored candy hearts that bear messages like "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me" - we're talking about the heart that beats faster when your loved one is near. There's no better gift you can give to yourself (or your loved one, for that matter) than a healthy heart for this Valentine's Day and those to come. 

Having a healthy heart no longer means just eating right and exercising coupled with a yearly checkup at the doctor's office. With the advent of mobile technology and connected devices, it's something that you can monitor and track on a daily basis.

We surveyed top cardiologists all over the country and asked them to give some healthy heart advice along with a recommendation of their favorite healthy heart apps. Here's what they had to say:  

Samir Damani, MD, PharmD, FACC
Cardiology, Genomic, & Wireless Medicine
Founder & CEO, MD Revolution, Inc.
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Healthy Heart Advice: "Heart and lung capacity measured by maximum VO2 (oxygen consumption during maximal exercise) testing is a measure of fitness that is 10 times more predictive of death than serum cholesterol. Hence using heart rate monitors to maximize efficiency and precision of workouts is critical to improving longevity and mitigating the effects of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and diabetes," says Dr. Damani.

Healthy Heart App: Dr. Damani likes the healthy heart app Digifit. "Digifit, which allows for customized programming of heart zones and real time tracking of heart rate provides the greatest platform for real time feedback to our patients on whether they are truly reaching appropriate heart rates during exercise."

Farris K. Timimi, MD
Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
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Healthy Heart Advice: Dr. Timimi says, "Lower heart attack risk? Move 10 minutes/day, make it brisk - sleep 8 hrs as a nightly recipe - 5 servings/day of fruit/veggies."

Healthy Heart App: Dr. Timimi recommends "MyFitnessPal. Free, easy to use, great database, integrates with Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale and FitBit." 

David Lee Scher, MD
Board Certified in Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
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Healthy Heart Advice: Dr. Scher's advice is short and sweet: "Take the stairs."

Healthy Heart App: Dr. Scher's "favorite app is Heart Connect: an app which connects to a community of cardiac patients." 

Jack Lewin, MD
Founder and Principal, Lewin & Associates, LLC (former CEO American College of Cardiology)

Healthy Heart Advice: Dr. Lewin says "don't let stress get to you - in my experience a positive attitude is more powerful than even exercise and diet for heart health."

Healthy Heart App: "The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker is my favorite app. Why? Because 50% of people with high BP are not in control - this is an easy way to track BP," says Dr. Lewin.


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Disclaimer: The information and third party products contained herein are intended for informational purposes only. The mention of third party products (e.g., mobile applications) contained herein does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Happtique. These third party products are for general information or reference purposes only, and should not replace or be relied upon instead of any medical or other professional advice provided to you by a physician or other health care professional.”